Monday, April 10, 2006

ModelGlue 1.1 released, 2.0 coming soon!

Congratulations to Joe Rinehart on the release of Model-Glue 1.1! Joe's been dropping bits of information about the upcoming release for a while now, and I know he's been working really hard, so I'm really happy for him getting this release out. Of course, I have a bit of a vested interest in MG 1.1, because it brings official support for ColdSpring, along with a few other bug fixes.

Along with the news on the 1.1 release, Joe also has declared the end of life for MG 1.x development, because Model-Glue 2.0 is coming, and from what I've heard in dark alleys and late night IMs, 2.0 will be a very exciting release! Funny, at cfObjective, during the frameworks round table (or open source comedy hour) the question came up wether the development of Model-Glue was still active, as Model-Glue seemed to be under represented. Since Joe had been forced to miss the conference due to the fact that he had bought a new house and was a little busy moving, I became the official spokesperson for Model-Glue. I assured everyone that development has been very active, and now you can see why!

It's a really exciting time right now, and not just for Model-Glue. Mach-II 1.1.0 was released recently, Fusebox 5 is in development, ColdSpring is moving closer to 1.0 daily (really!), Reactor 1.0 is almost out, Transfer, Tartan, cfcUnit, you get the point. These are great times for cf developers! Congratulations again to Joe!


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