Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mixins in ColdSpring? What would you like?

So a while back I was thinking about the ColdSpring AOP framework, and expanding it to support mixins. I really like the idea of doing something like this declaratively, I think it will be much cleaner and easer to debug when configuration is done from outside of your cfcs. What a surprise to read posts by both Joe and Sean today about ways to implement mixins! Well, I'm definitely going to get this started next week, (I really have to finish something first, there's a _remote_ possibility it will be done tomorrow, hint hint...) so if anyone has any wishes, drop a comment and we'll see what we can get in there. I mean, there's not too much to it, we'll be adding methods and perhaps instance data to cfc declaratively, but there were some comments on both blogs that make me think that I'd like to hear how people see using mixins so we can work that into the implementation. Thanks for the input!


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