Sunday, February 19, 2006

Good AOP discussion on The Server Side

There's a really interesting thread on The Server Side, for anyone interested in AOP and wondering where they might want to use the technology. The original article discusses some the many myths and realities around AOP, also interesting reading. I particularly liked the comment by Bela Ban about how AOP is used in JBossCache, it's a good example of how tool developers are using AOP to create maintainable code in a very abstracted system. On the flip side, about a quarter of the way down there's a good stab at the highly confusing terminology involved with AOP. Very timely for me, because I had a heck of time talking through this with Judith Dinowitz this week, and one of the points I tried to make was that the biggest stumbling block for anyone getting into AOP is probably going to be the terminology. In practice, I think using AOP can be far simpler than in sounds, especially when used with an IoC container like ColdSpring, or Spring for Java. Sometimes I wonder if technologies in Java are purposefully discussed in a very confusing manner, just to keep the faint of hart at bay so the 'gurus' can closely guard their precious secrets. Yet another reason why I like ColdFusion so much, where even very advanced concepts can be discussed in human terms!


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