Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joe on Inversion of Control!

Last night I got into a nice long discussion on the coldfusion channel with blanketgirl, no idea who she is, which ended up cornering me into trying to explain why ColdSpring is actually a good thing, not just a whole bunch of xml based hubbub. Unfortunately, since I was relaxing and having a few beers, my defenses didn't go too far past the basics of dependency injection and why I think it so usefull, shots easily deflected by the xml hating blanketgirl! What a surprise to read this excellent post on Inversion of Control by Joe Reinhart today!. Joe puts out a very solid example on using mock implementations in development, but being able to make deployment changes in the ColdSpring config file, not in code. Hey man, where were you last night when I needed you! Kudos to a very well written post, and since Joe mentions that he will be writing about AOP soon, I'm very much looking forward to some great articles. Thanks again, and blanketgirl, go read up!


Anonymous blanketgirl said...

This is a very apropos post, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I still think the XML stuff is a little overkill, but Corfield told me that it makes tool support more useful (validation, introspection, etc.). Since I use vim to write my CFusion code, this doesn't sell me all that much. But I can see the point for those who do use such IDEs and config tools.

See you in the ether!

4:40 PM  

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