Monday, May 05, 2008

Post cfObjective decompression

Another cfO has come and gone, and once again it was a completely incredible event. I tried to see more sessions this time around, since I usually get caught up in conversations in the halls, but I'm not sure I was entirely successful. Of course, for me all the networking is what it's really all about. Friday night I sat with Sean for a while and had a really interesting conversation about his soon to be release Edmund framework. I had already marked his cfUnited session as a must see, so now I am really excited. Mark Mandel and I spent quite a bit of time together this time around exchanging clothing and planning world domination, er, I mean further work on coldspring's tools for remoting with Transfer, so hopefully the fruit of those long evenings will come quickly.

Of course, what I was particularly excited about was the amazing buzz at the conference about my new Swiz Framework for Flex, which I was able to release to google code on Saturday. Many people asked me to see examples, and a slight oversight with time management in my session gave me the opportunity to show Swiz to a large audience. Overall it seemed very well received. Afterwards I sat with Maxim, Laura and Nahuel looking over each other's source code and sharing ideas. This had to be the top highlight of the conference for me. Mate looks really interesting, and both Laura and Nahuel are amazing AS programmers. Really awe inspiring work. I have been reading their blog for a long time now, and it was just a real pleasure to share some time with them.

I am sure it will take quite a bit of time to decompress from cfO this time around. It seems every year Jared and Steven take it up a notch, which continues to amaze me. I went to quite a few conferences this past year, and none come close to cfObjective in terms of the top quality speakers and session. This year really seemed to be exploding at the seems. I'm not sure I can even take it all in. So long to all my friends until the next conference, I am sure I will see many of you at cfUnited in a few months, thanks for a wonderful time!