Sunday, September 21, 2008

Swiz updates and documentation!

You may have heard (certainly not here!) about a little Flex framework I have been working on called Swiz. Although I have been a tiny bit quiet around here, I have been extremely actively developing and using Swiz, as well as traveling out to 360|Flex to do a session, and trying to get the word out on a few podcasts. Well, today I REALLY need to get cracking on the blogging, and luckily I have a few updates to share. First off, I just added a section to the Swiz documentation on DynamicMediators as well as updated the project setup page. Here's a quick rundown of the changes for the week.

At 360|Flex I learned that the Flex 3 SDK will automatically include custom metadata compiled into a library. So now there is no reason to add the additional compiler arguments unless you are using the Flex 2 SDK. Also, there has been a little confusion between the first swc I posted and the latest about how to get Swiz properly initialized. The correct method is to call Swiz.loadBeans( [ loaders ] ) in a function that is invoked in your main application on preinitialize. This will allow Swiz to load all of your beans before any views are added to stage and then autowire your views as they are added.

The major new addition, however, is the new DynamicMediators, which I showed at 360|Flex. Basically this function allows your controllers to respond to event dispatching by just adding an annotation to the function that you would like invoked. Check out the documentation for a full explanation. In the coming weeks I am going to put together a short series of blog posts walking you through the setup and usage of Swiz, but for now, head on over the the google code site, and if you are interested, join the user group and provide feedback to help Swiz grow!


Blogger Hem Talreja said...

Hi Scott,

I have been using the ColdSpring Framework for a while and was really missing it during my Flex Development.

Is there any chance you could post or direct me to a Application Template using the Swizz framework.

Essentially I need to load AMF channel, user object, preference objects, base data objects before I display the screen.

I also have ColdFusion backend using ColdSpring to AMF connectivity to the application, It is simple and does not require the creation of ColdSpring Remote Proxies.


7:49 AM  
Blogger Hem Talreja said...

Hi Scott,

Is there a way to inject properties of an Object into our Views?

I have a UserController object and one of it's properties is user.

The views do not require the user controller however they do require access to the user object.

Any idea's / recommendations?


12:08 PM  
Blogger Tanuvan said...

WOW!!!! Swiz is brilliant.

I had it up and running with AMFPHP in less than an hour. I am so glad I saw it on 360. The documentation is superb. I had no trouble at all following it.

I really hope it gathers more steam. Something this good HAS to stay around!

Thanks again for creating it!

11:59 PM  
Blogger Chris Scott said...

Well thank you, that comment made my night! I hope Swiz continues to pick up steam as well. We've got a few mission critical apps at my work depending on it, so as far as I am concerned it's not going any where. I should also have a few updates coming this week, so stay tuned.


8:04 PM  

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