Monday, March 26, 2007

cf.Objective() session updates

I finally got my sessions to Jared, and he has posted an updated list. I'm going to be doing an introduction to AOP as well as a session concentrating on using ColdSpring to power your Flex applications. Don't forget, early bird pricing will end April 1st, so you better get on your tickets quick! Honestly, $395 is an absolute steal for the amazing amount of top notch sessions that your going to be getting. Last year cf.Objective() was no doubt the best CF conference around, and this year it looks to be even better, so go register! Right now!

I am also bringing my Flex/ColdSpring session to CFUnited, which is also shaping up to be another great conference, so go register for CFUnited too! Honestly, the value of conferences like these cannot be measured. I got my shinny newish job at Cynergy Systems through contacts I made at CFUnited last year (along with Dave Carabetta). If your looking for the best way to advance your career with marginal expense, these conferences are surely your best bet. See you there!