Friday, August 11, 2006

One ColdFusion 8 wish...

There's a lot of good lists out there, and sure I've got a few wishes, many of which have been said before. But there's one in thing I don't think anyone has mentioned that I really think would be incredibly useful. I would like to see better packaging options in CF 8. We can package up applications along with CF and deploy them as ears, which is great, but I'm more talking for library code. What I would really like to do is just have modelglue or cfcunit as a .jar file, drop it in a mapping or custom tags directory and be all set. This has nothing to do with trying to 'lock' the code mind you. Take cfcUnit for instance, Paul has a packaging structure of org.cfcunit.*, which is all fine, except for I have a client who's packages also start with org. So I can either create a mapping for org, and put both sets of code in there, or make a specific mapping for org.cfcunit. Personally I think it would be a hell of a lot more flexible to just be able to use .jar files and skip the mappings. CF should be able to figure out what's where by the manifest files.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone knows if is an oficial launch date for cf 8?? or if theres a site such adobe labs for testing porpuse?

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