Sunday, November 25, 2007

Possibly my last ColdSpring update this weekend...

At least I hope so, my fingers are getting tired! This last update is a little on the experimental side, but I have just committed AbstractAutowireTransactionalTests to cvs (CSP-89). Basically this works exactly like AbstractAutowireTests, except that it begins a transaction before each test and rolls it back after the test, unless you call setCommit() somewhere in your test. Like AbstractAutowireTests, you just supply the location of your config file, and setters for any beans you want to test. From there, go crazy inserting, updating and deleting things in your db, after the test everything is rolled back. This is so handy, we use it all the time (I know, I said that about AbstractAutowireTests, but what can I say? They are REALLY useful!).

Just a few things I need to point out. I took a very, very heavy handed approach to making this work. It's not going to be the fastest because Paul creates a new instance of your test class for each test method. At that time (in setUp()) I am doing some crazy proxying and method injection. I am actually creating a proxy, and then taking it apart, it's a bit on the nuts side. However, if Paul would make a tiny change to cfcUnit, I could clean a lot of that up. Anyway, I hope this one is even more useful than the last, and feel free to send bugs along to the coldspring list. Enjoy!


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Hell yeh! Awesome :)

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